What is LinkGen?

LinkGen is a URL shortening service.

URL shortening is a technique to convert a long URL (site or page address) to a shorter version. This shorter version of the URL is usually cleaner and easier to share or remember. When someone accesses the shortened address, the browser redirects to the original (large) url address. It is also called URL redirection or URL redirect.

For example, the large version of this url : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_shortening

Can be shortened with bit.do service to this small address, that redirects to the previous longer address: https://linkgen.xyz/vVCdG

URL shortening services are trending!

"Shorter URLs are better since people often type them manually." Jakob Nielsen

Uses and purposes of LinkGen.xyz :

-Track user clicks from your site to external websites
-Share links inside email messages without breaking lines
-Track email marketing campaigns with stats in all links
-Share short links in Twitter messages, blogs, microblogs and other social networks
-Create customized links to easily remember your favorite addresses
-Share short links in instant-messaging
-Share easy-to-type links in news and printed material
-Have clean and compact urls for your use
-Hide real URL (user will see the real link only after clicking the short url)
-Hide affiliate URLs
-Create human-readable links
-Send SMS messages with short links
-Avoid errors when typing long urls links with parameters

Thanks for choosing our URL Shortener service, LinkGen.xyz